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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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live there from the scene. west ninth street. what else can you tell us about what happened tonight. >>ne . just rao eufed on scene here. i'm live in tpropt of the archer apartments. which is on west ninth street. here in the warehouse district. while it might be tkwaoeu quiet behind me, it is a live active scene. 3 police cruisers here. as well as the crime scene investigation. this is what we know right now, cleveland police responding to this shooting.
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building. which is in thee 12 hundred blocklo of west ninth street. in the warehouse district. this happened just before 8:30 this evening. now according to to police, twoic men were shot. and one of them died at the scene. the second man was transported to metro health medical center. in critical condition. this is an apartment building. people who live here say they were shocked to hear of the shooting. >> it's quiett in there. i talked to a few people. who live there. they said they didn't hear h anything. and hadd no idea anything was going on. > . it's quiet for the most part. >> >> we're told that the shooting happened on the eighth floor of the apartment building here. but so far police haven't come out to give us any updates. what we know again, two men were shot.
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the other taken to metro health medical center. we're told in critical condition. >> > . kent state university professor returned to the classroom today. two days after news broke that he is under investigation for a group isis. >> . kent state history professor returns to the classroom thursday. senior history students already aware he's the focus of a federal investigation.
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>> >> after class, he agreed to sit with reporters. denying allegations of his association with or that he recruits for the islamic state. >> . for the record none of the allegations have any foundation. >> . >> for more than a decade. his writings generated controversy. a newspaper column paying tribute to a palestineen martyr. >> . another. in which he said there's not a problem of international terrorism. there is a problem of the united states. >> referring to posts on social media.
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>> >> some on campus thinks it's best for him to resign. a question he didn't want to take. but needed to be asked. >> . >> that's why i'm asking now. students r-s asking for your resignation. would you even consider that. >> no, sir. that's speculation.
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>> the university isn't doing anything to remove him. from the classroom. >> . remarkable story of survival. a man gets into an accident. thrown from his car and knocked inconscious. in temperatures near 0 degrees. >> at the university of akron. >> 24 year-old. of the huron county village ofla new london.
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in a lot o pain. but he's alive. >> . i have a broken wrist. some 3 broken fingers. and this hand was also had really bad frostbite. >> . john is being treated at akron city hospital. after he wasnvolved in a serious accident. on state route 250 in ash land tuesday morning. john a biologist. says he was called into work early. making the more than one hour drive from his fiancee's home. to his job in ash land. where he was scheduled to clock in at 4:30 a.m. >> . maybe 5 minutes from work. i fell asleep. behind the wheel. road. >> john says he was knocked out. unconscious. but according to to the national weather service, the temperature was 5 degrees. with a windchill of minus 8. >> he says when he came to.
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he tried to get back into his car to call for help. >> curled up into his seat. and fumbled around. looking for a phone. and i found my old phone. and it powered on. and i dialed 911. >> crews arrived and took him to the hospital. where his family has remained by his side. his aunt created a go tphupbd me page. to help out him. his fiancee. and her 3 year-old son. >> who he says he treats as his own. >> it's basically to help them out. he's going to be out of work for a while. >> . he almost always wears his seat belt. tuesday morning. he did not. >> it only takes one time. >> always remember to buckle up. >> john will have to go through rehab. after he's released from the hospital. also says thee doctors have told him he won't be able to put any
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for at least 12 weeks. >> . long road to recovery.y. incredible story of sur survival. > . speaking out. in pain, real pain. p and says she's the sad the woman who was driving didn't have thehe
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>> . police do have leads in the case. they work to track down the driver. if you recognize that driver, call the cleveland police. >> . the grand jury process is under new scrutiny. from the common pleas court. judges will lead the newly formed grand jury. review committee. the purpose here, to take a hard look at the grand jury process. and determine if there are ways to make it more efficient.
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says it's not associated with the out comes of any recent grand jury decision. >> the third suspect in a december crime spree in little italy is behind bars. prosecutors say 18 year-old de-shawn newten was part of a tkwraoup of young men. who robbed a priest. then attacked a person who tried to help. two other suspects, david harry son. and phillips are pleading not guilty to aggravated robbery. >> . after a small preview of what's to come. c dc is joining the eastern united states preparing for a major winter storm. the nation capitol under blizzard watch at the moment. with warnings spanning from arkansas. throughh virginia. forecasters predict up to two feet of snow. in some places. with high winds. coastal flooding and power outages all expected. e the states of emergency already declared in many places. including virginia. maryland.
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>> . it is a fist major snowstorm. for dc and new york city. this winter. after unusually warm temperatures in november. and december.
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if you're flying airport officials recommend checking your flight status. with your airline. before heading to the airport. some airlines do expect half of their flights. will eventually be canceled. >> what if anything can we expect from the weekend storm. standing by with a first look at the forecast.
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24 degrees. quiet. and across the entire region, basically 20s. all the way down to and including charleston. and kentucky. let's talk about the snowfall deficit. it's 23 inches below normal. right now. the storm coming up the east coast. which we will miss. has the potential of praougsing a very large area. of 23 inches or more. from eastern kentucky. all the way up into new jersey. so. if this was 6 hundred miles further knot north. we could wipe it out. in one fell swoop. -fpl. >> here's all the moisture. it's been a night of severe weather. louisiana. many of missouri. much of missouri. the northern extent will bump
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that's why we have winter storm warnings. a veryry thin band of advisories. notice nothing in the area. things will be quiet. 16 tonight. variablely cloudy. maybe you'll catch a tkphreufrps of the moon in between the clouds. tomorrow 30. variablely cloudy.ab most of the sun north. but it's going to be a quiet day.
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tensions rising between russia and the uk. over the 2006 death of a former russian spy. the former agent was poisoned while in london. and now british officials believe russian president approved the plan to murder him. uk taking action. expelling russian diplomats -fpl the agent was a vocal critic of
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>> reu johnal director stepping down amid the flint water crisis. susan in the crisis revolves around when officials knew the water wasn't safe. and why federal law wasn't enforced. e-mails showed she refused to give up information to the for months. while residents continued to
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>> la zoo worker recovering tonight. after a fall into the gorilla enclosure. the 61 year-old man was reportedly landscaping around the enclosure. and fell at least 20 feet. video shows the urban search and rescue crew. lifting him out. officials say he was hurt in the fall. possibly a broken femur. the gorillas were secured in the sleeping area. while rescuers pulled him out.
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this brand new trend. >>is . after months of planning -fpt the 2016 home improvement show is finally here. every year. and as you can imagine, there's out. you have all the classics like siding and
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there's also the more unique. like the female version of a man cave. >> . the whole idea behind these. to take a shed. really. and turn it into an out door oasis. >>.
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she's going to have a studio on the main floor. plus a she shed.
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she's been hired. adds. this is hired as a quality control coach. >> that's talking about the buffalo bills hiring of katherine smith. the nfl first full-time female assistant coach. on the show on 92.3 the fan. thursday morning.
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no place for a woman. in professional sports. in football. coaching men. men will not take to it. >> . while smith's hiring may have shattered the glass ceiling. >> he said the bill -ts move was to try to be progressive. >> she couldn't possibly be qualified to the same level that a man could be. to do that. >> outrageous. and i don't know. that's kind of an opinion. o he might have been better off keeping to himself. >> >> he was listening at the time. >> we have seen the spurs hire a female assistant coach.
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>> he's a sexist. i'm not a fan. >> . i think the woman has a shot. fine with me. >> . it's not painting a good picture for cleveland at all.
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>> . a look at other stories making headlines to be tonight. a man recovering tonight. after he was hurt trying to save his dog in a fire. he and a woman escaped a house fire. unharmed. and rann back inside. he ended up with extensive burns and was in critical condition. fire officials say he's doing much better. >> asking voters to reject a city. to close down the hospital.
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canton police will get a new canine officer to replace officer skwr et shot kp and killed in the line of duty last week.
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could start patrol in late may. >> . certainly a lot of emotion there. >> . talking about the weather. >> >> not a single flake. and i'm going to show it in a different perspective. especially if you like driving. you may not want to plan a trip to the south. on friday stkp saturday. we'll show you why. first of all. here's a look. at the time lapse. and from the five mile crib. look at the ice just slowly tonight. indicating the fact that the winds are pret pretty light. out of the light west. direction. at this point. that's going to shift around to the northeast tomorrow. and the reason is this. this wound up system. producing a line of severe thunder storms.
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> the average model prediction. and when we go over to richmond. that's a tough road. especially between the 22 and 25 inches. but it doesn't stop there. by the way that's much better driving.
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potentially in dc. and that hasn't happened since 1932. i want to remember from scot sable tweet this morning. so it's a very very sharp contrast. betweenn cleveland. and once you get down to georgia. 20, 21. and more inches of snow. here. quiet. 16. and a little bit of moon shine. tomorrow, variablely cloudy. a bit of sunshine. as well. 30. and the weekend remains quiet. increasingly sunny. on sunday. with a high of 35. >> your official school khro esing station. get
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when it comes to an emergency. every second counts. >> why have ambulance drivers been told they're not allowed to speed. the rule that has some people scratching their heads.
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believe it or not. a b i team investigation found speed limits for local ambulances. >> . even when they're racing to calls. i team reporter shows us what he's ub uncovered. >> . >> hurrying up. watching their speeds. cleveland has a policy. city ambulance crews should never exceed the posted speed limit. never. something other drivers like you never imagine. >> . how fast do you think annk ambulance can go. when it's going to a call. >> what 60 miles per hour. >> i would say it can go above the speed limit.
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we heard a cleveland ems crew got in trouble with bosses for answering a call and speeding. going 47 in a 35. the cleveland ems union parkingni light says, says something is wrong. >> we have cars passing us. we're running late to calls. and they look back at us like what's the ambulance doing. looking for an address. no we're doing the speed limit. we have police on scene calling for us to step it up.
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>> cleveland has had its policy since late 2013. came to light with the recent internal charges against an ambulance crew for speeding. both of the drivers you met surprised but they say this seems reasonable. >> if you're waiting for the ambulance. you're probably going hurry up. >> i would be. but then again you have everyone else lives to consider as well. . so much for 20 percent. >> a waitress and her boss are furious over what a customer left behind. tonight he's looking to clear the air.
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(music) woman: i' ll never remember all the projects,
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or meetings i gave up my nights for. (music' s drums intensify) but days like this, i' ll never forget. get out there, in the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. this is my fight song take back my life song (music) >> developing story. we're d following. cleveland police say a second victim has died. following a shooting inside an apartment building. inap the warehouse district. this happened at the archer on west ninth street.
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two men were shot one of them died at scene.. the other transported to metro health medical center. but police tell us he passed away a short time ago. stay with us. and fox >> . oregon school proposed whiteness history month is already doing what it's meant to do. promote conversation. some people are criticizing it because it sounds like a black history month for white people. others are attacking it. because of what it actually stands for. examining how history shaped white privilege. critics say the month is all about white shaming. but organizers say they want to inspire creative solutions to the social issues. that stem from racism. whiteness history month takes place in april. >> . alarming story out of north carolina. where aa chinese restaurant manager admitted to preparing road kill. and health officials say there's nothing they can do about it. somebody captured the photographs of a dead deer.
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and butchered outside. the manager nitted to bringing the deer inside. but say there was no cross contamination. >> . and no the evidence he actually planned to serve it to customers. attention. at a north carolina restaurant. mostly because of what it didn't come with. after serving a large party a dollar tip. and a religious pamphlet. the manager was so mad she wrote the pastor of the church. phepbged in the tip. her stance. if the service wasn't good don'td leave a tip. especially not like that. but the man responsible says
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>> . lieu of money. >> i honestly had no recollection of my wife asking about the tip. ten percent is what i leave. we looked it tup. i didn't as for the pamphlet. he says the intention was not to force religious beliefs but leaf leave with a positive message. something he does to people efrp everywhere. >> . now is it time. the eighth caller wins two tickets to see florence and the machine.
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a lot of ways to make a living in this world. we're fortunate enough to read you the nudes every night. >> i am jealous. a little bit. of this next guy. a human suction cup. making anything from cans to bottles stick. any where on his body. this is not a trick. he's actually doing this. he discovered this hidden talent years ago. using a cold drink to cool himself off. and actually stuck to his head. >> doctors think it's because he has ab normally high body temperature. either way.
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>> it has been very good to him. he can make up to a thousand dollars a day. and even 8 grand for a weekend. of renting out his head. >> . chris paul with his own version
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and the foul. he would try to keep things close. then crawford. and began the second. with 3 pointers. clips by 6. lebron james. that is good. then james finds phoz cavs up by nine. at half. let's go second half. and kyrie irving got into the flow a bit. 21 for him. opt night. on the night. missed a shot here. >> and celebrating after wards. ka cavaliers win. bulls will be here on saturdayda night. >> . congratulations to lebron james. who was named as an eastern conference all star. starter. today his 12 appearance in the nba all star game.
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the leading vote getter with 1.9 million. and thus in his 20 and final nba season. he will be a starter in the classic. kyrie irving nosed out. by kyle hrou reu of toronto. >> . >> . going forward. the next order of business is going to be to hire a vice president. of player personnel. >> the team will not hire general manager. both weighing in on tpeu
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>> . congratulations to kelly. the win winner of the tickets. that's all the time we have.
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